About me… I think?

I love to travel. I don’t know how else to put it. It’s the kind of thing that makes my blood flow and my heart pump. I live for it. I’ve lived in Spain, Mexico, and naturally the United States. I’ve also visited Ireland and France. I’ve loved each country and couldn’t pick one over the other.

As of right now however, I am a college student trying to make my way through school, just waiting for another opportunity to be able to go out and see more parts of the world. I love learning about new cultures and watching how local people live their lives. I don’t need a resort to have a good time, I don’t even need plans. Just give me a hostel, or even a couch where I can sleep, a little food, and point me in the direction of the local hot spot (for when night time falls) and that’s all I need.

I’m doing this, hoping to share my love of traveling with all of those around me, both near and far.


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